Access Control

Digital Visibility | Access Control

Digital Visibility | Access Control

Know who’s coming and going with for Business Access Control. Using integrated locks, card readers and controllers small businesses can control, track, and manage the movement of their employees, partners, vendors, customers, and guests throughout their facility. This fully integrated solution is managed on the for Business portal or mobile app and replaces keys with smart locks, keycards and user codes on both internal and external doors. To simplify user management you can establish security level groups that can be easily assigned to an individual user when they are provisioned a badge. Access Control can be used on front doors, back doors, bathrooms, stockrooms, private offices, IT closets, and other secure areas. When used with an integrated Video Surveillance system, the triggered Access Alerts will contain a video clip of the person entering the secure area.

  • View Activities for All Users on a Timeline
  • Receive Alerts when Secured Areas are Accessed
  • Easily Manage User Keycards and Privileges
  • Quickly Adjust or Revoke User Privileges
  • Limit User Access by Day, Door and/or Time

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