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Digital Visibility | Business Insights

Digital Visibility | Business Insights

Your for Business portal will house a massive amount of security data, activities, and events for all  your locations. Analyzing this data for patterns and trends can uncover a number of opportunities for improving your business’s operational efficiency. You will soon recognize the relationship between the number of times your front door opens (as recorded by your security system) and the timing of a local marketing promotion. Or see your door activity spike, then go directly to that specific time on video to watch how your team handled the influx of customers. So, build some reports and start to make some informed business decisions.

  • Receive Live Mobile Alerts
  • Build On-demand Reports
  • Track Customer Traffic Patterns
  • Establish Employee Activity Patterns
  • Analyze Business Operations Data
  • Spot Unexpected Changes and Anomalies
  • Increase Awareness of Subtle Trends

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