Energy Management

Digital Visibility | Energy Management

Digital Visibility | Energy Management

Energy Management is about finding that perfect balance of cost, comfort, and safety without being wasteful. for Business will help you find that balance with convenient tools, sensors and automatic notifications. A smart thermostat gives you automatic energy savings by learning your preferences and enforcing them. You can remotely manage your business’s room temperature, lock a fixed temperature, establish a schedule, or set a range and let your employees, adjust accordingly. The system also allows you to manage other devices that use energy such as lighting, refrigeration and small appliances. The system will automatically send you notifications if any of the devices are out of compliance with the rules you set.  

  • Remotely Manage the Temperature at All Locations
  • Set Schedules to Automatically Reduce Costs
  • Send Notifications when Out of Policy
  • Receive Power Outage Alerts
  • Control or Schedule Lighting to Conserve Energy
  • Receive Alerts when Refrigerators are Left Open
  • Prevent Staff from Making Costly Adjustments
  • Reduce Energy Waste and Save Money

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