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Digital Visibility | Smart Business

Digital Visibility | Smart Business

Automation is awesome. With the click of a button, your Smart Business can run a pre-programmed scene that will execute all the steps to open or close your business. Your “Close” scene can automatically turn off the lights, adjust the temperature, lock the doors, and set the alarm. If you ever leave without activating the Close scene, the for Business system will use machine learning to detect the “unusual activity” and automatically send you a reminder. The system also uses geolocation services. So, if you’re driving in to work and get within five miles of the office, the system will automatically start adjusting the room temperature to something more comfortable. With all this technology, your Smart Business is limited only by your imagination.

  • Open or Close Your Business with One-Touch
  • Automate Tasks or Control Them Remotely
  • Trigger Rules Based on Your Geolocation
  • Receive Notification of “Unusual” or “No” Activity
  • Integrate Flood Detection, Life Safety and Irrigation

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