Video Surveillance

Digital Visibility | Video Surveillance

Digital Visibility | Video Surveillance

You’ll see everything with for Business Video Surveillance. Live-streaming, on-demand recorded video and real-time video notifications make it easy to keep an eye on your business—even when you are working remotely. With 24×7 continuous local recording and cloud hosting for alarm and event triggered clips, you can have confidence that your video footage will be safely stored and accessible when you need it. The for Business mobile app makes it easy to stream live video from any camera, in any location, anytime and anywhere. The dashboard can display up to four simultaneous feeds from the same or different locations. For recorded videos, the easiest way to find an important clip is to locate the trigger event on the Activity Timeline then simply go to the same day and time on the Video Timeline and see what happened.

  • Capture High Definition and Night Vision Video
  • Watch Live or Recorded Video in the Mobile App
  • View Multiple Camera Angles on a Single Dashboard
  • Synchronize with Security/Access Control Timelines
  • Receive Videos with Security/Access Notifications
  • Resolve False Alarms Remotely with Live Feeds
  • Expedite Police Response with Visual Verification
  • Redundantly Record Video Onsite and in the Cloud
  • Professionally Monitor Feeds Quicker Response

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